Join Shalanda H. Baker, IEJ’s Co-Founder and Co-Director and author of the new book Revolutionary Power: An Activist’s Guide to the Energy Transition, for a discussion and Q&A session with Co-Founder and Co-Director Subin DeVar.

Update: This event has passed. Please find a recording below.

Buy the book through Island Press.

In Revolutionary Power, Shalanda Baker arms those made most vulnerable by our current energy system with the tools they need to remake the system in the service of their humanity. She argues that people of color, poor people, and indigenous people must engage in the creation of the new energy system in order to upend the unequal power dynamics of the current system.

Revolutionary Power is a playbook for the energy transformation complete with a step-by-step analysis of the key energy policy areas that are ripe for intervention. Baker tells the stories of those who have been left behind in our current system and those who are working to be architects of a more just system. She draws from her experience as an energy-justice advocate, a lawyer, and a queer woman of color to inspire activists working to build our new energy system.