About Our Resources

We designed these tools to assist advocates and policy makers with their work to advance energy equity.


Energy and Black Lives

The Initiative for Energy Justice stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, and we recommit ourselves to providing our network of advocates, activists, and policymakers with the tools and frameworks they need to push for a just energy transition that centers racial justice.

Utilities 101: Guide, Video, and Slide Deck

IEJ has released its newest tool: Utilities 101, a crash course in utilities viewed through an energy justice lens. Develop a better understanding of the United States’ utility system with our downloadable guide, video, and slide deck.

Webinar: Energy Justice Workbook & Scorecard – Jan 23, 2020 (Recording)

IEJ has released its first tool, the Energy Justice Workbook, which proposes a framework for justice-centered energy policies, and applies the framework to case studies in California and New York. View a recording of this webinar for highlights from the Workbook!

Energy Justice Scorecard

The Energy Justice Scorecard provides a common language for frontline activists and policymakers to understand and evaluate energy policy. The scorecard also provides a framework for frontline advocates to advocate for energy policy rooted in equity. Similarly, the scorecard will offer policymakers an equity-based mechanism to create and evaluate energy policy.